The 220V portable UPS energy storage box is specially designed for home and outdoor emergency equipment, with strong performance and long-lasting durability. The appearance is very streamlined, with a trolley case design, which is light to carry and easy to transport. The arrival of the portable UPS energy storage box provides reliable power supply guarantee for various outdoor emergency scenarios.

First, the concept of portable UPS

Portable UPS is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with portable sustainable green energy solutions. The portable UPS is lightweight and compact, and uses environmentally friendly, small, large-capacity, and light-weight lithium iron phosphate batteries as strong support to ensure that important loads continue to work and have sufficient power supply. It is specially designed for outdoor emergency. It combines light weight, high capacity and high power. It has overvoltage, overload, and short circuit protection design, and ultra-high-power pure sine wave output.

Second, the development status of outdoor new energy storage systems

In today's society, new energy usually refers to solar energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, etc. With the finiteness of conventional energy sources and the increasingly prominent environmental problems, new energy with the characteristics of environmental protection and renewable energy has attracted more and more attention from all countries. The development of energy storage also has a profound impact on energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, a core of domestic energy conservation and emission reduction is the improvement of energy utilization efficiency of the grid system. The necessity of energy storage technology is reflected in the security of the power grid, the realization of system-wide energy management, and the acceptance of renewable energy; the development of energy storage is one of the best technological paths that can perfectly solve the problem of new energy and meet the needs of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Third, what scenarios are portable UPS energy storage power supplies used outdoors?

Product application areas include: medical equipment, emergency rescue, outdoor activities, drone battery life, self-driving travel, household electricity storage, lighting, office, fishery, military, non-electric mountainous areas, pastoral areas, field investigations and other power-consuming fields. Multifunctional application scenarios of energy storage electric portable lithium battery UPS: ●Outdoor office ●Field photography ●Outdoor construction ●Backup power supply ●Emergency power supply ●Fire Rescue ●Danger and Disaster Relief ●Car Start ●Digital Charging ●Mobile Power

Fourth, Case introduction of portable UPS power application in outdoor: Portable UPS energy storage power supply-solve the problem of outdoor shooting

Portable UPS energy storage power supply-solve the problem of outdoor shooting

Nowadays, more and more people tend to go out of the indoor studio and shoot outdoors. Compared with indoor posing, everyone is more willing to have an intimate contact with nature. Because there are many uncontrollable factors in outdoor portrait shooting, portrait photographers always face various unknown challenges when shooting—outdoor electricity use. problem. Since the camera's built-in power supply is far from being able to meet the long-term shooting needs, for this problem, the portable UPS power supply developed and manufactured by Cunneng Electric Co., Ltd. fully solves this problem. Let outdoor shooting and video, no longer have the confusion of lack of electricity. The product uses environmentally friendly lithium batteries and super-capacity lithium battery packs, which are small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. Unique 48VDC & 220VAC two voltage outputs, each voltage is high current output, so that similar products can't reach, AC100V ~ 240V output, the maximum output power can reach 6000W.

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