Li-ion battery life prediction data for your reference <Predictive Models of Li-ion Battery Lifetime> Li-ion battery life prediction is a complex system. The article considers the prediction through multi-scale and multi-dimensional (particle dimension, pole piece dimension, battery dimension) Battery Life.





  1.  Main factors controlling battery lifetime
  2. Time at high T & SOC (weak coupling with DOD & C-rate)
  3. Cycling at high DOD & C-rate; Low/high T & SOC
  4. Semi-empirical battery lifetime models are generally suitable for system design & control
  5. NREL models describe various commercial chemistries
  6. Life extensions of 20% to 50% may be possible
  7. Physics lifetime models to provide design feedback
  8. Electrochemical/thermal processes well understood
  9. Mechanics coupling underway at various length scales

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