High Energy Density

Its theoretical specific capacity is 170 mAh/g, and the actual specific capacity of the product can exceed 140 mAh/g (0.2C, 25°C);



It is the safest cathode material for lithium-ion batteries; does not contain any heavy metal elements harmful to the human body;


Long Life

Under the condition of 100% DOD, it can charge and discharge more than 2000 times; (reason: lithium iron phosphate lattice stability is good, the insertion and extraction of lithium ions have little effect on the lattice, so it has good reversibility. Existing shortcomings The electrode has poor ion conductivity, which is not suitable for high-current charging and discharging, and is hindered in application. The solution: coating the electrode surface with conductive material and doping to modify the electrode.)


The service life of a lithium iron phosphate battery is closely related to its use temperature. Too low or too high a use temperature will cause great hidden dangers in the charging and discharging process and use process. Especially used in electric vehicles in northern China, in autumn and winter, the lithium iron phosphate battery cannot supply power normally or the power supply is too low, and its working environment temperature needs to be adjusted to maintain its performance. The domestic solution to the constant temperature working environment of lithium iron phosphate batteries requires consideration of space limitations. The most common solution is to use aerogel felt as an insulation layer.


Charging Performance

The lithium battery with lithium iron phosphate cathode material can be charged at a high rate, and the battery can be fully charged within 1 hour at the fastest.

Specific physical parameters:

Bulk density: 0.7g/cm³

Tap density: 1.2g/cm³

Median diameter: 2-6um

Specific surface area: less than 30m^2/g

Smear parameters:


Compaction density of pole piece: 2.1-2.4g/cm³

Electrochemical performance:

Gram capacity: greater than 155mAh/g Test conditions: half-cell, 0.2C, voltage 4.0-2.0V

Cycle life: more than 2000 times


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