Advantage of Lititanate batteries(LTO battery):

  1. LTO battery have very long cycle life:  Over 20000 cycles

  2. LTO battery support fast charge compared with other lithium batteries.
    Charge and discharge @2C@100%DOD@25
    °C ,after 20000 cycles,still have 80% capacity left.

  3. LTO battery work good at both high temperature and low temperature,range -40-60°C

  4. LTO battery with high safety level and very stable(No fire, no explosion)

  5. LTO battery rechargeable and green

Disadvantage of Lithium-titanate batteries:

Lithium-titanate batteries(LTO battery) have lower energy density than conventional lithium-ion battery technologies,lower inherent voltage (2.3V/cell), which means for same voltage and capacity battery pack,the Lithium-titanate battery pack size will be bigger than other lithium battery.