2.3V 35AH LTO battery

Yinlong 2.3V 35AH LTO battery

Product Details

High Quality Deep Cycle Yinlong 2.3V 66160 35Ah LTO Lithium Titanate Oxide battery cell

2.3V 66160 40AH LTO battery
Nominal Voltage:2.3V
Nominal Capacity:35AH
Discharge cut-off Voltage:1.5V
Charge cut-off Voltage:2.9V
Charging current: 350A
Peak discharge:700A
Internal Impedance:≤1mΩ
Work Temperature: -40℃ - 60℃
Charge Method: CC/CV
Life Cycle: 20000+
Size: (DIA)66mm*(H)160mm

100% brand new, A grade

Advantage of Lititanate batteries(LTO battery):
1.LTO battery have very long cycle life: Over 20000 cycles
2.LTO battery support fast charge compared with other lithium batteries.Charge and discharge @2C @100%DOD,after 20000 cycles,still have 80% capacity left.
3.LTO battery work good at both high temperature and low temperature,range -40-60°C
4.LTO battery with high safety level and very stable(No fire, no explosion)
5.LTO battery rechargeable and green