2.3V 33AH LTO battery

Yinlong 2.3V 33AH LTO battery

Product Details

High Quality Deep Cycle Yinlong 2.3V 33Ah LTO Lithium Titanate Oxide battery cell

2.3V 33AH LTO battery
Nominal Voltage:2.3V
Nominal Capacity:33AH
Discharge cut-off Voltage:1.5V
Charge cut-off Voltage:2.9V
Charging current:330A
Peak discharge:660A
Internal Impedance:≤1mΩ
Work Temperature: -40℃ - 60℃
Charge Method: CC/CV
Life Cycle: 20000+
Size: 20*130*205mm

100% brand new, A grade

Advantage of Lititanate batteries(LTO battery):
1.LTO battery have very long cycle life: Over 20000 cycles
2.LTO battery support fast charge compared with other lithium batteries.Charge and discharge @2C @100%DOD,after 20000 cycles,still have 80% capacity left.
3.LTO battery work good at both high temperature and low temperature,range -40-60°C
4.LTO battery with high safety level and very stable(No fire, no explosion)
5.LTO battery rechargeable and green