48V 50AH LiFePO4 Battery for EZGO Golf Carts

Rechargeable Battery for golf carts 1. Long life: over 2000 times 2. Lighter weight: 24kg 3. High power: max 100% DOD 4. Superb Safety: with BMS stable battery

Product Details

LiFePO4 Golf Cart Battery pack is designed as lighter-weight, longer-lasting replacement for lead acid batteries. Based on high quality cells, the battery pack delivers higher power, greater energy density and increased safety to deliver superior performance and reduced operating costs as compared to lead acid.

48V 50AH LiFePO4 battery
Nominal Voltage: 51.2V
Nominal Capacity: 50AH
Discharge Cut-Off: 40V
Charge Cut-Off: 58.4V
Charge Current: 50A
Cont. Discharge: 100A
Peak Discharge: 120A
Impedance: ≤200mΩ
Charge Temperature: 0℃ - 45℃
Discharge Temperature: -20℃ - 60℃
Charge Method: CC/CV
Life Cycle: 2000
Design: build-in with BMS, LED indicator, plastic case with handle

Includes built-in PCM (protection circuit module) which provides internal cell balancing and management, protection from overcurrent, undervoltage (overdischarge), overvoltage and short circuiting, and has integrated charging circuitry.

LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery Advantages:
Safety: LiFePO4 is the safest lithium-ion battery cathode material, not burining and explosion.
Long Cycle Life: Can charge and discharge more than 2000 times.
Environmental Protection: LiFePO4 does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.

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