BIS 3.2V 20AH Prismatic LiFePO4 Battery

BIS 3.2V 20AH LiFePO4 Battery

Product Details

BIS 3.2V 20AH Prismatic LiFePO4 battery
Nominal Voltage:3.2V
Nominal Capacity:20Ah
Discharge cut-off Voltage:2.5V
Charge cut-off Voltage:3.65V
Internal Impedance:≤8mΩ
Charge current:20A
Peak discharge:60A
Charge Temperature: 0℃ - 45℃
Discharge Temperature: -20℃ - 60℃
Charge Method: CC/CV
Life Cycle:2000-5000

LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery Advantages:
Safety: LiFePO4 is the safest lithium-ion battery cathode material, not burining and explosion.
Long Cycle Life: Can charge and discharge more than 2000 times.
Environmental Protection: LiFePO4 does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use.

Our Target Customers:
Customers who looking for batteries for solar street light, solar energy system, battery for marine, boat or car as back up power, battery for E-bike, E-scooter, battery for golf cart etc. Or those who want to make customized battery for thier own designed machine that work with LiFePO4 Battery.