Energy Storage System

512V 500KWH

Product Details

500KWH energy storage converter parameters (for reference only)
Product model PWS1-500K
DC side parameters
DC voltage range 500~800V
Maximum DC current 550A
Maximum DC power 515kW
DC voltage accuracy ≤1%
DC current accuracy ≤1% (rms)
Grid-connected charging method can be charged and discharged with constant current and constant power, and supports three-stage charging
→Floating charge)
Grid-connected parameters
Rated output power 500kW
AC maximum power 515kVA
Rated grid voltage 380/400V
Grid voltage range ±15%
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid frequency range ±2.5Hz
AC rated current 380A
AC maximum current 400A
Output THDi ≤3%
On-grid power factor -1~+1